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Fleetwood Area Youth Football & Cheerleading Association

Fleetwood Area Youth Football & Cheerleading Association

Concussion Training

The CDC offers free online Heads Up Concussion Training for parents. By taking this free course—and using what you learn—you will be well-positioned to improve the culture of sports safety and prevent concussion. Your actions can help create a safe environment for your young athletes so they can stay healthy, active, and thrive—both on and off the playing field.

General Information

Through the month of August, practice runs Monday - Thursday from 6pm-8pm (for most).  Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to start time so everyone is ready to begin promptly at 6pm. Attendance is required!! Practice sessions are important not only for learning the sport but to prepare the players physically and mentally for the competition and the games ahead. Football is a rugged contact sport, and every player needs to be properly conditioned before sustaining any contact with the other players. Poorly conditioned players are an invitation to injury. Cheerleaders must also be properly conditioned before stunting. Our focus is to field the best conditioned teams, equipped with the best equipment possible. Chronic absenteeism will not be tolerated!! Practices are mandatory. If you must miss, a parent must contact your child's coach prior to start of practice. Please make sure your child has a water bottle. 

School comes first!! Any child who is letting football or cheerleading interfere with school will be released from their FAYFCA obligations. 
Parents should confer with the head coach, who will take the appropriate action to ensure that children's grades will improve. It has been our experience that the confidence generated by playing football and cheerleading has helped scholastic performance.

Football games are held on Sundays (for most - JV games are typically Saturday) beginning  early September. The cheerleaders will also attend 1 competition after the football season. The season typically ends by the middle of November. There are risks and dangers in football and cheerleading and while we strive to keep participants safe, some serious injuries may occur.

While we do our best to satisfy everyone, we know that is not always possible. If you have a complaint, we ask that you follow the protocol below:
1) The 24-Hour Rule should always be followed. If you are unhappy, please wait 24 hours for your nerves to settle before approaching anyone
2) Any complaints should then be referred to your Head Coach. Please speak to the coach privately. Away from children & other parents
3) If you do not get a satisfactory resolution, you should then consult the Coordinator or President
4) If you are still dissatisfied, you have the right to file a formal complaint in writing to the Board of Directors

1) Conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all practices & games.
2) Pick up children promptly from practices and games.
3) Lend a hand when needed.
4) If a complaint arises see your head coach first.
5) Enforce equipment use rules! All FAYFCA equipment is to be used at Fleetwood Youth Football and Cheerleading games & practices only. Not to be used for play.

1) Conduct themselves properly by using good sportsmanship and respect for their fellow players, coaches, staff & opponents.
2) Report all injuries to their coaches immediately.
3) Take care of and report all equipment problems as soon as detected. If a player demonstrates poor behavior on or off the field, he/she may receive a game suspension or be removed from FAYFCA for the season.

Photo Day

Photo Day
Photo day is planned for Monday, September 9th
Picture schedule is as follows (subject to change):


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